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Zeolites are minerals of volcanic origin, formed by the meeting of incandescent lava and briny seawater. They are bountiful and found in large deposits (quarries or mines) The mineral coming from a mine, as ours does, is obviously more pure in that over the centuries it has not undergone contamination from harmful substances, as is the case of minerals extracted from quarries.

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Improves your cat's health

Nearly immediate positive results. These results produce improvement of overall organ function and therefore prolonged life of your pet..

  • No side effects
  • No counter indications
  • No use by date - the product doesn't expire

Use Instructions

Dose with the dosing cup 2-3 times per week or when the need arises. Afterwards, carefully massage the skin and coat

Scientific Research

International scientific research attests to a series of affirmative results, namely:

  • Repels parasites
  • Promotes healing
  • Eliminates foul odours without perfumes
  • Effective against dermatitis
  • Counters mycoses
  • Clean shiny coat

Active Ingredients

Zeopet is a line created for all animals using an absolutely natural mineral product, activated clinoptilolite zeolites, mined in the European Community. The pure mineral extracted is of excellent quality.


Zeopet products are distinguished by their powerful antioxidant effect. Their most significant properties are that of being able to bind toxins and free radicals in the organism, neutralising them.

Our products are odourless, flavourless and not soluble and therefore they may be administered easily without their being directly absorbed by the kidneys, liver or blood.

The product once ingested, passes through the stomach into the intestine, and there inside of the intestinal villi (folds that characterise the entire intestinal wall) our activated clinoptilolite acts more effectively, as it lies between the intestinal villi and the food in the intestine (chyme), achieving the positive effects listed below.

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